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The Ingersoll Collective is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to providing christians who are questioning their faith, and non-christians who may be considering converting to christianity, with information concerning the true nature of the christian god and bible. 
We achieve this goal through the production and distribution of informational brochures which are available by request, free of charge.

For those who would like to explore alternatives to theism but don't know where to start, we'd like to suggest some helpful resources:
Writers in the Freethought and Atheist Traditions
Robert Green Ingersoll
Ingersoll was a prolific and eloquent author.  You may want to start with essays "Why I Am An Agnostic", and "The Truth About The Holy Bible". 
Paul Kurtz
Kurtz's book "Forbidden Fruit: The Ethics of Humanism" is a wonderful explication of what it means to be ethical without being theistic.
Corliss Lamont
A classic, Lamont's book "The Philosophy of Humanism" gives a thoughtful presentation of the humanist perspective without anti-theistic rhetoric.
George H. Smith
A personal favorite, Smith's book "Atheism: The Case Against God" is a thorough and straight-forward presentation of the arguments against theism.

Brochure Catalogue
Here's a list of our brochures with a synopsis of each:
A Few Words to the Responsible Slaver
What the bible really says about slavery
Be Afraid!  Be Very, Very Afraid!
Jehovah's violence and threats of violence
Doctor God
The silly science of Jehovah
In the Presence of the Lord
Where is god when things go badly?
Infinite Punishment from Infinite Love?
Why would a loving god create hell?
Jehovah the Vampire
Jehovah's blood-lust examined
Jehovah's Crazy Justice
Why should the innocent suffer for the guilty?
Jehovah's Idea of Justice
Should children be punished for the actions of their parents?
Jehovah's Strange Obsession
Jehovah's crusade against foreskins
Job: A Tale of Woe
Is Jehovah just a big, mean bully?
Liar, Liar
Jehovah: god or not, you just can't trust him.
Hey Kids, Let's Learn About the Lord!
Interesting facts about Jehovah's shortcomings
Jehovah's Jolly Good News for All You Evil Sinners
His confusing plan for a salvation noone needs
Love Means Never Having to Say "I'm Sorry"
Does Jehovah ever apologize for his mistakes?
Strange Love
Jehovah says he loves you, but does he show it?
Suffer the Little Children
Jehovah's crusade against children
There's a Lot More of Them Than You Thought
The bible says there's more than one god.
The Four Persons of the Lord
Father, son, holy ghost, and . . .
The Man With the Plans
Jehovah's inability to plan effectively
Is the Bible Clear on Being Queer?
The answer may not be what you think
Where Is He, Anyway?
Samuel Putnam's poem, with commentary
Blessed Are They Who Thinketh Not.
One of christianity's favorite tools: ignorance.
Heroes of the Christian Faith:  King David
A look at the famous king's life
Heroes of the Christian Faith:  Martin Luther
A look at the priest's life and sayings
Heroes of the Christian Faith:  Moses
A look at a hard-nosed sheep herder
Heroes of the Christian Faith:  Tomas de Torquemada
A look at Spain's Grand Inquisitor
Is Faith Immoral?
The answer is 'yes'.
Some Very Scary People
People you should watch out for next Halloween
The Law is the Law
Why do christians ignore their own rules?
The Nature of Christian Morals
Believing in a god doesn't make you a nice person.
Just Flip a Coin, Already!
Proof that the bible contradicts itself
Jehovah's Ten Mediocre Demands
A look at Jehovah's moral code
Christmas Confusion
Two bible writers' contradictory xmas story
Bible Stories 1
Weird stories from the bible
Bible Stories 2
More weird stories from the bible
Bible Stories 3
Still more weird stories from the bible
The Good(?) Book
What's so good about it, anyway?
Holy Book, or Unholy Mess?
Why the bible can't be trusted
A Very Clear Choice
Why humanist ethics are better than christian ethics
Gods?  Who Needs 'Em?
Why gods are unnecessary
Against Intelligent Design
Excerpts by George H. Smith on the I.D. scam
Atheism - Joseph Lewis
Excerpts from a speech by Joseph Lewis
The Congested Brain of Jesus - Jules Soury
Medical analysis of Jesus' mental problems
The Humanist Manifesto III
A concise statement of humanist beliefs
Has Religion Made Useful Contributions? - Bertrand Russell
Russell examines the usefulness of religion
Why I Am Not a Christian - Bertrand Russell
Excerpts from Russell's book
The Meaning and Value of Freethought - Chapman Cohen
Cohen's statement on the value of thinking for yourself
The Philosophy of Atheism - Emma Goldman
Excerpts from Goldman's statement on atheism
The Philosophy of Humanism - Corliss Lamont
Excerpts from Lamont's classic book
Quotes Worth Quoting 1
Sayings that make you go, "Hmmmm!"
Quotes Worth Quoting 2
More sayings that make you go, "Hmmmm!"
Sins of the Fathers
Excerpts from "The Rationalist's Manual" by M. D. Aletheia
Theology Explains Nothing
Excerpts from P. H. Holbach's writing about theology
Thoughts of God
A scathing look at Jehovah by the master satirist
Bible Teaching and Religious Practice
More of Twain's insight and wit
What Infidels Have Done - R. G. Ingersoll
Ingersoll's defense of Infidels
What is Religion?
Asked and answered by R. G. Ingersoll
Why I Am An Agnostic
Ingersoll's thoughts on "knowledge" of the supernatural
Ingersoll's "Creed" vs. The Christian Bible
A comparison of the values of each
Essay on Christmas - Robert G. Ingersoll
Ingersoll discusses the meaning of the holiday
Giordano Bruno - Robert G. Ingersoll
An excerpt from Ingersoll's essay
Heretics and Heresies - R. G. Ingersoll
Ingersoll writes in appreciation of heretics
Copies of these brochures are free. 
If you'd like us to mail some
to you, please send an email request
including your name
and mailing address to:, attention: J.T.

"A faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets."  
--  Arthur C. Clarke